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Are your tools secure?

 In recent months dropped tools have become an issue of great concern with HSE taking drastic actions on many major sites. Watch the short clip on the day to day issues that can occur so suddenly and yet have the potential to cause so much harm.


The working at height regulation:

"...Every employer shall, where necessary to prevent injury to any person, take suitable and sufficient steps to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, the fall of any material or object..."

 Are your tools secure?

 Leach’s have been supplying the working at height industry for decades and are renowned for providing solutions to meet the on-going demands and safety standards. Tethering tools and at the same time providing a practical working environment for the guys on the field has been no easy matter. Leach’s have been the first to provide a solution for the securing of the scaffold spanner which has been approved and adopted worldwide by some of the most respected scaffolding companies.

 Leach’s supply the complete solution!

Leachs Tethered Tools


 Stay Ahead With Leach’s

Leach’s can supply tool safety systems for just about every hand tool…...from your scaffold spanner, ratchet, level and hammer to your screw driver, tape measure or pliers. We have a comprehensive range of tool safety ropes which have been chosen to suit each specific hand tool.


Leachs Tethered Tools


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